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915 Cherry st
Seattle wa 98104

Knightriders Recordings - A modern techno label based out of Seattle. Inspired by the Pacific Northwest. 

Mathew Anderson / Big Phone / Naturebot / Pheadrus / Codebase / 214 / Jerry Abstract / Angel Alanis / Punisher / Maria Goetz / Tony Rohr / Woody McBride / JAK / House of Stank / DJ Ulysses / LilRoj / J. Alvarez / Gunnar Lockwood 


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We are always interested in hearing forward thinking techno, house and everything in between. Just check out the back catalog to get an idea of our diversity and feel free to send us your material.  (at least two tracks)  Send only your best tracks, no unfinished or work-in-progress.

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When we started our Knightriders “micro-rave” series in 2006,  we had no idea that a World class Seattle based techno label would follow.  Early on we began supporting the production efforts of hugely talented local producers by signing them to Knightriders Recordings as well as booking them to play KR events. These boutique techno nights and one-offs soon developed many lasting relationships, some of which included world class techno producers like Angel Alanis, Tony Rohr , Kyle Geiger, Orlando Voorn, Audion, Robert Armani, Punisher, Dietrich Schoenemann, Drumcell, Woody McBride and others.  Many of whom have contributed remixes for the label. Please, feel free to pursue the KR back catalog and keep an eye out for upcoming releases both digital and vinyl.  And, as always, Thank you for listening.